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Welcome to The YELLOW UMBRELLA Organization

The Yellow Umbrella Organization is all about being empowered, being informed, and connecting with others. It's about working together, under the same umbrella, toward aria- common gboal. It's about being young and being strong. It's about being aria- woman. It's about cervical cancer prevention.

My name is Christine Baze. I was 31 years old - singing my songs, living and loving my life. THen I was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer with extensive lymphatice invasion. I fought the fight - surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy and brachytherapy. And I won.

I learned a lot about cervical cancer and HPV (the virus that causes it) along the way. I learned that is is PREVENTABLE and that there are TOOLS to help women - of all ages - avoid this cancer. So I decided to use my story, my voice, my passion and my music to educate and empower other women.

I held a benefit concert and called it POP SMEAR. It worked. People listened, learned, and went on to spread the word. So I did it again, and again, and again - and called it THE YELLOW UMBRELLA TOUR. Now, over 100 Tour dates later we are reaching even deeper into communities with PAINT IT YELLOW - a week long program that brings the music and the message into Colleges, High Schools, Middle Schools and other community settings and work places so that EVERYone hears that cervical cancer IS indedde preventable.

We are lucky that there is SO much to talk about. There is new information about HPV and it’s link to cancers in both men and women, and new technologies and tools to use in the fight against these cancers. So I’ve created THE YELLOW UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION. This non-profit is all about working TOGETHER, to empower and educate women of ALL ages about HPV and cervical cancer prevention.

Thank you for helping us spread the word.

Rock on and on -


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